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Mike & Julie Stanley


Having been to a few of your parties before, my expectations for our wedding were pretty high. We were excited about you being our DJ and the prospect of showing our guests an incredible time. What actually happened on Saturday September 20th 2008 was so beyond my expectations, we cannot even put into words.

From our first meeting, you were helpful and creative. Once the ceremony started, we knew we had made the right choice. Your suggestions and input made our wedding an amazing party from the ceremony to last call.
Every single one of our guests have come back to us and said, “That was the best wedding, I have EVER been too.” We had so many people ask, where we found you and they credit you with being the life blood of the party.

To your prospective clients, we would encourage them to allow you to use your creative side and give you some creative freedom. We wanted to relax and enjoy the party on our wedding day. Jeff would ask if he could try something new, and we are so happy that we let him use his expertise to run the party.

You are a true professional and the master of your trade. We have seen a lot of wedding DJ’s in our life; heck, Mike used to be one. You, are far and away the best I have ever seen or dealt with. Thank you again so much. We feel blessed that you were part of our special day.

Jeff HayMike & Julie Stanley
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