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Sheila & Carlo Matheoud

Where do I start? It all began with asking our wedding designer recommendations for a DJ. She didn’t ramble off a list for us but gave us just one name, Jeff “Haymaker” Hay. All her comments elevated our curiosity. With the help of my laptop I researched Jeff’s website and to my surprise I knew this was exactly what I wanted. We made the call to Jeff and the ball started rolling!! With the help of his website, emails and a rendezvous, our party was set.

Jeff was great in giving us advice on music for different times of our wedding day and even a theme for tables since I didn’t want the usual table number idea. His energy level was great from start to finish at our meeting and the day of our wedding as well. It was really nice to know that Jeff was also going to be our MC so this saved us from thinking of who would fit the part. Again, his energy level got our guests going with games and a fantastic playlist. Some even asked me if he was a friend of the family since he knew a few things about us. In all honestly, we didn’t want the night to end and wanted to keep dancing all night long.

Our wedding was an amazing fun event with our family and close friends. I heard many times that this was the BEST FUN they’ve ever had at a wedding. We were not disappointed and highly recommend Jeff!!!

Hope all is going well with your Jeff and keep up the great work!!!!

Jeff HaySheila & Carlo Matheoud
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