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Candice & Pat Erickson

Our family just left today and everyone cannot stop talking about the night. They loved the games and music. They thought you were a personal friend!

We cannot thank you enough for making our day special and full of excitement. I wanted to write this paragraph for you

Pat and I recommend DJ Haymaker to do any event. He took care of everything and everyone could sit back and enjoy the night.

Our guests came up to us and our parents and raved about the DJ. They loved the games and the music as he kept the party rocking all the way through the night.They thought he was a personal friend of ours due to how much detail he collects in the Bio’s for the entire wedding party. My auntie who is not a hugger came up to my dad and gave him a kiss and a hug and told him this was the best wedding she has been too (Besides hers of course).

Jeff makes it so easy for the bride and groom with how organized he is and how he wants your wedding to be the event everyone talks about for years.

I work in the industry and I see my fair share of DJ’s and he is by far the BEST DJ there is.

It is his personal touches and humour that makes him stand out from the rest. Book him early or you will miss out on the party of a life time!

Jeff HayCandice & Pat Erickson
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