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Mike & Cara Geistlinger

My wife and I had seen Jeff at two weddings before our own and we couldn’t wait to have him be our entertainment on our big day.

When we started planning our wedding a year and a half ago, Jeff was the first reservation that we made and were sure about. We had seen many weddings before and we had no doubt that we were getting the best in the business.

Jeff wore many different hats at our wedding (literally!!), he was our MC, DJ, comedian and our game show host. It came as no surprise when all of our guests couldn’t stop raving about how much fun they had, especially the ones from out of town who had never seen Jeff’s work before. Jeff’s knowledge of weddings and his willingness to perfect the details on our day was priceless. We cannot thank him enough!!!

Jeff HayMike & Cara Geistlinger
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