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Danielle & Caleb Clement

Hey Jeff,

Our wedding on July 4, 2008 at Summerhill Winery is still talked about by our guests after two months. Our decorations were beautiful, the food good but everyone is still talking about our d.j./ emcee Jeff Hay. Our guests still come up to us and tell our families that our wedding was the most fun and the best wedding they have ever been to AND it is all thanks to Jeff Hay.

We hired Jeff about 8 months before our wedding. Well we had to, after every contact we had in Kelowna insisted that we use Jeff as our d.j./emcee. Everyone we talked to said he was by far the best d.j. in Kelowna. Well he was more then a d.j. He helped in planning our wedding day itinerary, he recommended other contacts that we could use, planned quizzes, songs, and games. He was there for us all along the way and gave us a sense of ease because we had nothing to worry about with Jeff running the show. Guests came up to my husband and I throughout the evening asking if Jeff was a relative of one of us. We said no, and they replied “He seems like he knows you both so well.” That was such an amazing compliment for Jeff, showing us that he did such an amazing job Emceeing our wedding. He knew how to read the crowd and presented a fun, relaxing atmosphere perfectly suited for our guests.

Thanks to Jeff for making our day the “best wedding ever” for us and our guests. A wedding that will be talked about for years to come!!

Caleb & Danielle Clement

“After I (Jeff) thanked them for their feedback, here was their lovely response”

Hey Jeff,

Your are more then welcome! Caleb and I were just watching our wedding video this morning and we still can’t believe how amazing you made our wedding. You are truly meant to be a d.j./ emcee, you are an amazing person with so much talent and personality, you were put on earth to make people smile and laugh and we are so glad we had you as a huge part of our special day… we will never forget you and the effort you have made and I know our guests won’t either.

Actually, we were just at another wedding last night and I realized how important a good emcee and d.j. really is to a wedding…. actually I would probably say you are second from the dress!

Take care Jeff! and thanks soooooo much!

Jeff HayDanielle & Caleb Clement
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