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Megan & John

I don’t even know where to start about how incredible DJ Haymaker is… Jeff made our wedding a spectacular day – from ceremony to reception!

His service, communication and preparation for our day was beyond compare! He was such a phenomenal energy, overflowing with ideas and suggestions to make the day personal and unique!

And then Party Time… And WOW! The only word to come to mind!

The crystals were definitely shaking all over Sparkling Hill!!! He engages everyone in the room – even my 72 year old Aunt trying to get a basketball in the net… Around her waist no less!!! LoL! His variety and attention to detail is above and beyond!!! My husband and I closed down our own wedding because we couldn’t stop dancing!!!

Jeff was the BEST choice we could have made and feel incredibly lucky to have had to honour of meeting him and having him a part of our big day!!!

You ROCK DJ Haymaker! Thank You is not enough!!!

Jeff HayMegan & John
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