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Janessa & Derron Vandewetering

I had trouble coming up with feedback for Jeff, but not because he wasn’t great; it’s because he was almost TOO good so I had trouble not rambling about how awesome he is!

I’m a ‘planner’ (aka a little bit of a control freak) and I normally like to be the one to do everything, but with Jeff I was able to hand over the reins and let him take control, and I’m so glad I did! He made our day run so unbelievably smooth, because he’s not just a DJ but he’s also a wedding planner, friend, confidante, MC, and DJ all in one.

We had a bridesmaid running late, it started raining, and I was panicking and Jeff made sure that everything was sorted perfectly. He entertained people so nobody even realized we were running late, and he organized the guests and wedding party to accommodate for the rain.  Jeff made sure that we followed a timeline, he kept people entertained, ensured our guests knew where to go and what was going on, and he definitely kept the bridal party calm and organized.

Jeff did everything -he helped organize other vendors, helped get everything set up for the reception, and made the transition from ceremony to reception so easy.

He was also our MC, and he had the entire room laughing and my bridal party was almost in tears from laughter. Everything from his introductions to the games he played were fantastic. He is 100% an entertainer (not just a DJ), and I’m so unbelievably glad he was our MC/DJ. I can’t imagine it would have been as perfect as it was without Jeff. And of course his music is amazing!

Jeff played the songs we wanted, took requests, and he is so experienced he just knew what music to play to keep people on the dance floor. There wasn’t a single time that the dance floor was empty all night! It’s been almost 6 months, and we still have friends and family saying that our DJ was amazing and people wanting to know where we found Jeff.

My husband had all 4 of his siblings get married in the last 2 years, and his family has admitted our wedding was the most fun. I would recommend Jeff in a heartbeat, he will make your wedding go so smoothly, and it’s just like working with a friend. He truly cares about making sure you have the best wedding ever, and he’ll make it happen.

Thank you Jeff!!

Jeff HayJanessa & Derron Vandewetering
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