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Leanne & Brian Weninger

Jeff was the best to work with for our wedding! Not only was he an amazing DJ but he also:

-Did the music for the ceremony and signaled when everyone was supposed to go down the aisle…

-MCed the reception and did an awesome job making everyone laugh with his wild and outlandish introductions of the bridal party…

-He was an extremely big help to the bride! You can call him anytime and talk about anything good or bad about your wedding. He offers to be the in between for vendors and does not mind jumping in and telling everyone else to back down or do things a different way if its not to your liking. I called several times about music and ended up venting about other things that had happened and he was a huge help with solutions and just a friendly ear.

-He had a timeline which he gives to you to go through and make changes to if need be for the whole day. He is very organized and had a package for me to fill out about everything he could possibly need, mine kept changing a lot with the bridal party but he was great and on top of it. For those who aren’t very good at making decisions or know what you want he is perfect! He has so many ideas and great music choices even if you have a couple must plays he fills everything else in for you and makes it a party!

On top of that his DJing skills were awesome!He has several games to play and lots of Fun props to use. His survival game is lots of fun and super funny. He gets everyone, young and old, into the games. Everyone had a blast with them and they were hilarious to watch! Everyone was laughing and smiling AND on the dance floor, it was never empty!

During and after the reception he was one of the main things everyone was talking about with how awesome everything went. How great the ceremony was and how perfect the music was for it and how everything flowed so well with the ceremony and reception. From the hilarious introductions to the games the got everyone out of their seats. He had great flow and just knew exactly what to do at each moment to keep everyone happy. Even now several weeks after our wedding people are talking about how awesome and beautiful it was and how much more amazing the DJ made it.

Not only did he make sure the guests had fun but he also made sure we were having fun. He kept making sure we had time to ourselves and breaks to just enjoy the day and kept reminding us to not stress and just have fun together. That it was our day and we could do what we want to enjoy it together. It goes by so fast and you are so busy sometimes you just forget to enjoy what you have spent so long planning but with Jeff around he made sure we didn’t!

He was supportive of everything and just gave us the peace of mind to just not stress and enjoy our day.

We and all our guests had a great time and it was a day that none of us will forget and Jeff is one of the big reasons for that.

So thank you so much Jeff!!!

Jeff HayLeanne & Brian Weninger
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