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Jordana & Lucasz Wilk

Here is an interesting one from another wedding professional!!  Her brothers wedding!

I was not the bride at the wedding but I was everything else, the planner, the florist, the photographer, the sister of the groom, plus I had three of my own young kids attending.  I felt a lot of pressure for everything to go smoothly so when Jeff showed up and took over it was such a relief.  He is a wedding expert and understands the flow of a wedding, how to keep people entertained, and is extremely well spoken.  As a DJ he keeps the dance floor hopping all night long and has the ability to read a crowd and play music without being “told” or “asked”.  And his smile and demeanor just prove that he loves what he does!  Thanks Jeff, because of you I actually got to sit back and enjoy my brothers wedding.



Jeff HayJordana & Lucasz Wilk
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