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Jason & Nancy Lane

We really enjoyed planning our wedding reception entertainment with Jeff Hay! It was great to get to meet him several times leading up to our event. He shared great song ideas, many of which we used for our formal dances. What’s more is he shared many tips and tricks about the evening’s proceedings that helped us organize other aspects of the night (games, speeches, etc.). We were able to use many of our own song ideas and he did a great job blending them together with “standard wedding dance music.”

Jeff was there all afternoon, which gave him a chance to meet several of the guests, which made for a great lead-in for the reception and dance afterwards. We also used his wedding MC services which took the pressure off our family and friends. He did the basic MC duties (introducing the wedding party, introducing the speakers, etc) but on top of that he incorporated a couple fun games that allowed the guests to get to know not only us, but eachother better.

What an awesome night! Thanks Jeff!

Jason and Nancy

Jeff HayJason & Nancy Lane
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