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Alain & Jane Tremblay

For an awesome DJ & person Jeff Haymaker

Alain & I, Jane, had about 40 days to plan our wedding which is full of decision making. We had to decide on a DJ, I was seriously considering Jeff Haymaker because a friend highly recommended him. I went to the bank to see if my budget could handle him. I told the bank clerk about Jeff and she said with great excitement, “we had him at our wedding & he was worth every penny”. So we decided to get him to help us make our wedding experience fun & memorable. We were lucky to get him because he actually had another possible booking the same day.

Jeff met with us before the wedding to get to know us & gave us a number of helpful ideas. He helped with the actual ceremony. We also had him as our Master of Ceremony & DJ. He kept things flowing, interesting & fun. He had several ice breaking games, a huge tickle truck with funny hats and props. The dance floor was full all evening with dancing people with goofy hats and smiles on their faces. All throughout the night people commented on the great job our DJ was doing.

We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves because we could trust him to run the show. We did not regret having him as a big part of our day.

I would like to add that as we look at the pictures and talk with friends about our wedding the comments have been, ”That was the funniest wedding I’ve ever been at, What a Blast.

Thanks Jeff

Jeff HayAlain & Jane Tremblay
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