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Chris & Claire Nordsveen

Hey Jeff

We got back from the honeymoon and got thrown in negotiating the sale of our rental condo. Glad that is over with lets just say we wont be landlords again anytime soon. We are settled back into work now and finally had some time to do this properly. We did not want to rush this thank you/ testimonial as you are well worth all the praise and accolades.

First off we would like to personally thank you for the amazing job you did. It truly was a special day we will never forget. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and even though we had only met a few times it really felt like we had known each other before. You just get it and we got that. From remembering names and places to little details and stories you truly have a knack for people. Entertaining is something that come easy and is so genuine from you. As any couple has their doubts and apprehension about the details of their day we honestly felt we were in good hands and we were not wrong. From doing some real classy yet hip music at the ceremony to entertaining the crowd with icebreakers and games then keeping the party dancing all night you made it happen. Thank you! For my dad to get up and participate in a game of wango(?) stick was a priceless moment. You really cared that everyone had a good time and it showed.

I saw so many people step out of their comfort zone that night and it felt awesome to be a part of it. You cant put a value on that. Everyone that we talked to had such a great time and we thank you again for that. It really was an amazing night. Thanks for the memories.

We hope this is not the last we have heard from you as we make the Okanagan a favourite holiday spot. We would love to chat and catch up someday soon.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories Jeff.

Jeff HayChris & Claire Nordsveen
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