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Budd & Steph Stanley

DJ Haymaker is honestly the best entertainer/DJ/MC for hire that there is! During the months before the wedding, we met a few times, for about an hour and a half each time, to really talk about the wedding and what our vision for the evening was, as well as just to give him an opportunity to get to know us. He also worked together with our MC’s and helped out with a lot of MC duties, which allowed our MC’s to enjoy the night as guests as well. He has so much experience that he was able to offer some incredible ideas and advice to help make the evening flow a lot more.

His website also has some great ideas for songs for walking in to the ceremony and walking out and we went with some unconventional, yet FUN, music (i.e. the groomsmen and bridemaids walking in to “Hockey Night in Canada” and the Canucks “Where the Streets Have No Name” theme, since Budd was as avid hockey player in the past). He incorporated a lot of what he learned about us into the entertainment for the evening, whether for the “quiz” to determine which tables get to eat first or for the “Newlywed” game. Jeff has a few “trunks” of goodies (hats, masks) that he brought out for all the guests to enjoy for the night and be silly! We used these props for the Survivor game, which was clearly the hit of the night…. people running around with hats and masks, trying to gather items from their “tribes” and returning to the dance floor, only to find that a few chairs had been removed…which is how they got voted off. He played anything that was requested and really made the evening all about us and our guests. It was the best night of our lives, right up to the last song, a “sing-along” if you will!

The entire day was such a success that we are now trying to plot some kind of annual party so that we can hire DJ Haymaker for an annual “best party of the year”!!!

Jeff HayBudd & Steph Stanley
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