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Enterprise Steel – Sheri Clark

Everyone is still talking about how much fun they had playing the games you put on! The games you played with the group where a great way to get people to loosen up and have a great time.

Our group was not the easiest read either, but you managed to get and keep people on the dance floor!

As soon as I was off the phone with you the first time I knew that you were the right man who would be up to the task of entertaining our mixed brood of people.

We made the right choice when we picked you as our DJ! THANKS!!!!

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Jeff HayEnterprise Steel – Sheri Clark

Jody & Curtis Fell

Months later, our guests are still raving about the fantastic time they had at our wedding.

For us, the party was one of the most important aspects of the reception, so we wanted to be certain to hire someone who knew how to keep everyone of all ages entertained throughout the night, to keep the dance floor full, and Jeff did just that. It was seamless to the guests, but we could tell that Jeff had his finger on the pulse of the dance floor, and he knew exactly how to keep the energy up – the party was going right from the beginning of the night until the very end.

Not only did Jeff ensure that everyone had a great time, but his behind the scenes work with our MC, and the reception venue staff was invaluable to our overall experience. He worked so well with them to coordinate all the details that you don’t normally think of, to make sure that everything went smoothly!

And of course we have to mention all the days leading up to the wedding as well… Jeff replied so promptly and professionally to all correspondence. Also, with us not being in Kelowna until the week before, he was willing to meet with us months before to go over the details and planning, so that we felt at ease and organized. \We honestly could not ask for anything more and we cannot express our gratitude enough for making the evening so amazing. Hire DJ Haymaker! Best decision we ever made!

Thanks Jeff!!

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Jeff HayJody & Curtis Fell

Chris & Amy Hildebrandt

Out of all the decisions we had to make for our special day, choosing Jeff as our DJ gave us our biggest return on investment and it gave us our greatest piece of mind.

The information he collected from us before the wedding made it seem like he knew us, our wedding party, and our family for years. He has been through so many weddings, so getting his advice for the ceremony and reception was beneficial.

Jeff’s attention to detail and ability to read the audience kept the party going at a great pace. The games we played involved everyone and it helped strangers mingle.

One detail we enjoyed was Jeff making us sneak away after dinner for a 10 minute breather to relax and reflect on what has happened so far that day. It really helped us slow down and remember all the events of the day and enjoy it that much more.

Even though our wedding was over a month ago, our friends and family are still talking about how memorable the whole day was and how much fun they had. Most of those comments are directly connected to Jeff’s work ethic and approach to presenting a wedding as a big party and celebration of love.

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Jeff HayChris & Amy Hildebrandt

Mary & Dan McNeil

Hello Jeff,

Dan and I would like to send our gratitude for the best wedding experience!!
Our family and friends, including ourselves, have come to the same
conclusion…YOU ROCKED IT!!! The games were so fun and got everyone
engaged, the music was perfect for our group, and you captured everyones’
attention; wondering what was going to happen next!!This was the best time
everyone has had in a very long time!

Oh BTW, Nicole and Patrick (your newest BFF) asked for your contact
information to get information about what you can do for them at their
wedding next summer…so we may get to see each other next year 🙂

Thanks so much for the memories!

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Jeff HayMary & Dan McNeil

Jess & Greg (Hammer) Martens

WOW!!!! What a time! Jeff,

We can’t thank you enough for an amazing day!!! Everyone is still raving about how great you were. A friend at work has a swollen knee from all the dancing he did that night. He said its a constant reminder of how much fun he had at our wedding!

You and James make a great team, I’ll be trying to make friends with couples who have hired you for their wedding just so I can be invited!

Thanks a bunch Jeff, Let us know next time you are up here!

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Jeff HayJess & Greg (Hammer) Martens

Kelly & Mark Thompson

Hi Jeff,

We just wanted to say how happy we were to have you be a part of our
wedding, you did an amazing job and we couldn’t have asked for a better
time. We appreciate all your hard work and energy that you brought to the
wedding and you were a large part of why it was so successful and fun.
Everyone we have talked to said what an amazing time they had and you had a large part to do with that.

Mark and I would just like to say thank you again, it was great working with
you, we definitely made the right choice !

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Jeff HayKelly & Mark Thompson

Katee & Rory Nelson

My husband and I along with all of our guests were very impressed with the service provided by DJ Haymaker! The Survivor game was fantastic and I have had a lot of very good feedback about it (not to mention pictures from the part where the guys had to put the belts back on the other guys). It was a great game to bring everyone together and to have a few laughs! I was very impressed that unlike most DJ’s, Jeff was very involved in making our day the best it can be – from helping out our MC to helping coordinate everyone down the aisle at the ceremony to helping the groomsmen put on their “special” performance! So to sum it up – the night would not have been the same without Jeff and I think everyone who attended would agree!

Rory & Katee Nelson


I’m glad you enjoyed our crazy friends and family – I know we do!

Thanks for everything! If anyone has a wedding anywhere near Kelowna I will definitely suggest you!


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Jeff HayKatee & Rory Nelson

Dundee Wealth

Hi Jeff,

Thank YOU for helping make our event a great success!

They definitely had a blast – and would have gone all night if the liquor license hadn’t run out. Which is probably a good thing.

Thanks again, hope I can bring them out there again soon!


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Jeff HayDundee Wealth

Danielle & Elliott

Wow ok this took forever for us to sit down and write… sorry for the
delay! Seriously when you write your bio, call us cuz we have some awesome
stories to add about our wedding that were too long for the review!!!

Thanks again for everything… we are not making it up when we tell
you that people are still talking about August 18th. It was so
awesome, a much needed party, and we could not have done it without

We are already talking about a little reunion/5 year anniversary
celebration in a few years with the whole crew… you my friend will
be included!

We will keep in touch and the next time we are in the area we will
drop you a line!

Good luck with everything, life, love, career, babies… the whole
thing. Can’t wait till we get to party again!

Talk soon and thank you thank you thank you!!!

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Jeff HayDanielle & Elliott

Matthew & Rebecca Glen

Hi Jeff

I just wanted to let you know how much fun everyone had at the wedding. All evening long and well into the next day, everyone kept saying ” this is the best wedding we have ever been to”

A huge big thank you to you. You really know how to engage people and keep the party going.

Your sound system is great, your lights are awesome and your games are second to none.

And I can’t forget your outrageously fun hat trunk. You are so good at what you do.

Thank you so very much. You definitely made the reception turn out 100%.

I do have one question however: What on earth do people do when they don’t hire you?

I have thought about it, and I have decided that people who don’t hire you to look after all that you look after, must have boring weddings or at the very least, very fragmented weddings.

Again, thank you so very much. You are most definitely in the right business. I hope you are still very much involved with weddings when my son gets married one day. I would love to ask you to come to his wedding as well. It may be a few years from now, so don’t retire for many years.

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Jeff HayMatthew & Rebecca Glen