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Chris & Amy Hildebrandt

Out of all the decisions we had to make for our special day, choosing Jeff as our DJ gave us our biggest return on investment and it gave us our greatest piece of mind.

The information he collected from us before the wedding made it seem like he knew us, our wedding party, and our family for years. He has been through so many weddings, so getting his advice for the ceremony and reception was beneficial.

Jeff’s attention to detail and ability to read the audience kept the party going at a great pace. The games we played involved everyone and it helped strangers mingle.

One detail we enjoyed was Jeff making us sneak away after dinner for a 10 minute breather to relax and reflect on what has happened so far that day. It really helped us slow down and remember all the events of the day and enjoy it that much more.

Even though our wedding was over a month ago, our friends and family are still talking about how memorable the whole day was and how much fun they had. Most of those comments are directly connected to Jeff’s work ethic and approach to presenting a wedding as a big party and celebration of love.

Jeff HayChris & Amy Hildebrandt
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