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Danielle & Elliott

Wow ok this took forever for us to sit down and write… sorry for the
delay! Seriously when you write your bio, call us cuz we have some awesome
stories to add about our wedding that were too long for the review!!!

Thanks again for everything… we are not making it up when we tell
you that people are still talking about August 18th. It was so
awesome, a much needed party, and we could not have done it without

We are already talking about a little reunion/5 year anniversary
celebration in a few years with the whole crew… you my friend will
be included!

We will keep in touch and the next time we are in the area we will
drop you a line!

Good luck with everything, life, love, career, babies… the whole
thing. Can’t wait till we get to party again!

Talk soon and thank you thank you thank you!!!

Jeff HayDanielle & Elliott
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