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Tyson & Katie

Thanks again for doing such an incredible job and being such a big part of what we like to call “the best party ever”!

Writing this was a pleasure and of course we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family. All the best in the future! We hope we’ll have the good luck to attend other parties dj’d by you!

Testimonial for DJ Haymaker:

If you want the wedding of the century, D.J. Haymaker is bound to get you one giant step closer. Sure you want good food and a beautiful dress, but getting the right DJ is essential to the success of your wedding. And trust us, DJ Haymaker is the best.

Right from when we first started communicating with DJ Haymaker, we were impressed with his passion and his commitment to making our wedding an unforgettable party. He was also incredibly well organized, which really helped set our minds at ease right from the start. We knew then that he was something special, but then the night of the wedding he proved that he was a one-in-a-million DJ. We got married outside on a windy day, and we were worried that most people wouldn’t be able to hear, but the sound equipment and set up were superb and everyone we asked said they could hear every word! He even chose a shirt and tie that matched our wedding colours.

Right from the start of the reception, he had us and all our guests laughing and partying – he helped set the perfect, fun mood. His games and contests were very well designed, and you could see the thought that he had put into each one. They matched the atmosphere of the event perfectly and kept everyone laughing and enjoying themselves right through dinner until the dance started. At the dance D.J. Haymaker kept energy levels high with a mix of music perfectly suited to our crowd. He even brought out a tickle trunk full of funny hats that even the people you would least expect enjoyed wearing!

If you still don’t believe how awesome he is, trust us when we say that almost everyone who was at our wedding told us it was either the most fun or one of the most fun weddings they had ever been to! Even though the rest of the wedding went very well, there is no doubt in our minds that having DJ Haymaker there really made our wedding a party that people will be talking about until we’re old and grey. Hiring DJ Haymaker was the best choice that we made!!

Katie & Tyson


Hi Jeff:

My husband and I along with our two children were at Katie & Tyson’s wedding on August 7th in Vernon. My name is Becky and I am Tyson’s Aunt. You may remember my son…he was the one with the “Signature Move”…the head-stand…lol!

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all you did that night! You made the night so enjoyable. We had such a good time and as you could see, so did my son Devin! You kept him going until 1am, and I have never seen him dance that hard before!

Your song selection was fantastic and your games were hilarious!

Once again..thank you! A great time was had by all…especially my son!

Warm Regards,
Becky Soucie

Jeff HayTyson & Katie
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