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Twyla & Craig Wheaton

From the Mother of the Bride…

Jeff was a constant support to us in the planning of our wedding. We were reluctant to believe that he was there to help us organize our entire day, but he kept reassuring us he was there to help with much more than just the musical portion. He was always available with phone contact and he constantly encouraged us to make use of his experience and expertise.

The wedding was phenomenal. We had a wide variety of ages and interests at the reception, but Jeff’s games made everyone feel involved and entertained. He orchestrated the introduction of the head table for the master of ceremonies and his format set the tone of humor for the night. His game Survivor really got the tables interacting with each other as they competed to fulfill his challenges.

By the time the dance started, everyone was fully prepared to have a great time. The ice was clearly broken and Jeff’s medley of hats that were used in the games and dancing. The hats were a constant source of entertainment as people kept passing them around throughout the night. Even families with small children who had to leave early didn’t feel gyped because they had so much fun while they were there.

As the parent who sponsored the wedding, I felt totally supported at all times. Jeff was constantly surveying the crowd and making judgements and adjustments about what was the best thing to do at the best time. Everything he did was coordinated with the family, the caterer, the wedding party and the MC. No one was anxious or in doubt about what to do when and because he was so in charge we could all de-stress and just have a good time.

I would highly recommend him–he is not just a DJ. He’s a performer, an organizer, a supporter and energizer that will make your event one to remember for each and every guest that attends. Do not hesitate to hire him. He is truly the best. Thanks Jeff!!!

Jeff HayTwyla & Craig Wheaton
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