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Sydney & Chad Valentino

DJ Jeff is worth his weight in gold! All we were expecting was good music, but Jeff went so far above and beyond. Right from our very first meeting, Jeff made us feel less stress knowing that he was involved in making our wedding perfect. He is through and through a professional and treats his clients not as customers, but as friends. Jeff’s biggest contribution to the wedding ceremony and reception was, in my opinion, keeping the flow of the event. He made sure that the right people were speaking when, the right time for us to walk around and talk to our guests and when it was okay for us to escape the crowds and allow the excitement and impact of the day sink in. We could not have had such a spectacular wedding without him, period.

Even a month later, we still have people raving about our wedding because Jeff delivered as promised, that our guest leaving saying “that was the best wedding ever!”. My favorite piece of feedback was from my brother. This was his first wedding he attended and in his words, “every other wedding is going to suck now.” All of our guests were entertained and engaged for the whole night, we just left all of that in Jeff’s control, and it was worth it. We shared many laughs, a few happy tears, and memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you Jeff, we can never thank you enough.

Jeff HaySydney & Chad Valentino
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