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Sherri & Dave

He is the ultimate wedding host. He is part wedding planner, superb emcee, host, comedian, creative inspiration, marriage counselor (kidding, but true!) He has so much experience doing weddings and incredible events, he knows what works, what doesn’t and is truly a perfect ‘master of ceremony’.

Jeff got to know our guests, (we had pre-meetings, he gave us homework to be completed) – he used this detailed information on guests to make guests feel welcome, get them to know each other, helped us with wedding vows, use of humor, suggestions on making our day unique (individualized) and not feeling part of a wedding factory. He created fun by telling interesting stories about guests or playing ‘the newlywed game’ or other ‘surprises’ in order to get the guests having fun quickly, and engaged early – truly awesome. Of course he is a musical wizard as well – helping us with tough decisions on music selection for key moments (aisle, signing, first dance), to suggestions on how to make our day special.

He truly hosted & emceed the evening – and you might think that duty should go to a family member. It shouldn’t. Let the family members do their speeches (Jeff will review and coach them if asked to make sure they are appropriate and in the spirit of the occasion) and let a professional handle everything else. Jeff worked with our Justice of the Peace, Hotel Wedding Planner and Photographer to ensure everything, everyone did was seamless and not siloes – each part of our day transitioned perfectly. Jeff was ‘looking out for us’ from pre-ceremony though to ‘Last Dance’.

We had such a great day. Sherri said it was the ‘best day of her life’. I’d like to say it was the groom! But Jeff gets some credit as well.

Jeff HaySherri & Dave
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