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Shawneen & Stephen Kellar

Your service at our wedding was wonderful. We felt that you made the whole night come together. We have received the most compliments by our guests on how great you were. Everyone thought that you were our long time friend because you seemed to know a lot about us. I was really impressed by how you knew everyone’s name and made people feel included. We had such a fun time with the games as well, everyone has said that it was the best wedding they have been to in a long time, and you definitely added to that. Stephen and I are very happy that you were apart of our wedding night and have recommended you to everyone.

Jeff we had a great time with you and thank you very much for being apart of our night and making it fun and special for us…thanks again.

Shawneen and Stephen

PS – My sister is getting married in July, hopefully we will see you there!

Jeff HayShawneen & Stephen Kellar
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