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Sandra & Rej Lacasse

We had a great time and thanks to you for helping make our day an awesome one!

As for the feedback, this is very easy for us to share as you made quite a fantastic impression on everyone. Here are a few comments from friends and family:

“This was the best wedding I’ve attended!”
“This wedding was absolutely perfect, everything flowed nicely and it was definitely representative of who you both are!”
“You know it’s a great wedding when your feet are still hurting 2 days after.”
“Your DJ played awesome music and read the crowd very well.”
“The Violin String Quartet music was a great touch.”
“I haven’t dance like this in ages!!!”
“How long have you known Jeff?” Some thought we had been friends for awhile

As for ourselves, here is our testimonial!

From the very beginning we were charmed by your positive energy, professionalism, and knowledge of the industry.

Your personal style enabled the experience to be rewarding and gave us peace of mind thoughout the complete process.

We always felt you were available for us and answering any questions we had. You went above and beyond to make sure our special day was a memorable one.

It was a pleasure collaborating with you and thanks again for all your amazing work. We would highly recommend your services to any one of our friends and family.

Again our gratitude for everything that you have done!

Jeff HaySandra & Rej Lacasse
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