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Ryan & Shawna Russell

We are so glad that we booked DJ Jeff Haymaker for our wedding. Giving him the MC duties was the best decision ever. First off, Jeff single-handedly managed the timing with the kitchen, the bar, the wedding planner, and the guests when we were running late after pictures. Because of Jeff’s throuough process for pre-interview questions for us and with our face to face meeting with him a year prior to the event, we got to know him and had the total confidence to pass total control over to him when the time came. Let me tell you, he literally ran the show for us – and made our day much more enjoyable as we were able to sit back and have fun.

That is only the beginning though! One of Jeff’s finest attributes is to judge the crowd, and adapt. When people are crying, he will make them laugh. If they are getting bored, he’ll have something to get everyone’s attention. After the speeches, we played a couple different games – but the best by all accounts was the ‘Survivor’ game. It involves someone from each table peforming a series of tasks with one person eliminated each round. I won’t ruin the final round, but let me tell you by the end of this game everyone was laughing so hard and it definitely got everyone’s spirits up and got them ready to dance! Then come dance time, Jeff sets out a chest of different hats for guest to wear – we had the two grandmas up and dancing with cheeseburger and hot dog styrofoam hats on! I’ve never seen one grandma dance in my whole life, nevermind two! I could not beleive it, but 90% of our guests were on the dance floor all night!

We highly recommend Jeff. Right from the get go he stated he was very excited to be part of our big day. Our guests (and our) feedback shows. All of our guests did call our event the wedding of the century. It was totally to the whole entertainment Jeff provides as a DJ and MC. We can honestly say we do not wish our big day went any other way. I’d like to thank Jeff again for the great memories, as they will definitely last a lifetime.

Jeff HayRyan & Shawna Russell
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