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Robyn & Tyler “Tyke” Roffey

From the Mother of the Bride!!

It was great to see you on Friday evening at the Benewealth event……what an event eh!!!!! You really are a sought after person!!!! Have to tell you we were at my niece’s wedding on Saturday in Vernon…………there was a live band but no entertainment………..suffice to say there were many positive comments from people that had attended both events what a difference it makes to have a DJ Haymaker!!!!!! Thanks again. Here is a paragraph that I prepared for you for your website – I hope you like the following… is most sincere!!!! Chris

“Where to begin???? Jeff from the first time we met for coffee to discuss Robyn & Tyke’s wedding until the lights came on after the dance you have out done yourself!!!

Your positive energy completely relaxed all of us and instilled confidence that the day would be perfect and it was more than perfect.!! I can’t tell you how many times I heard throughout the evening and still that it was the best wedding people had attended and that is because of you. The games were hilarious and really got the crowd going.

When we had met for coffee you shared with me that your goal was to get two people that did not know each other at the start to be buddies by the end……Mission Accomplished. We totally and completely lucked out in booking you and should we need a DJ in the future you are definitely our man. Thanks again for helping make beautiful memories of a beautiful day!

Chris Laird (Mother of the Bride!)

Jeff HayRobyn & Tyler “Tyke” Roffey
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