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Rachelle & Mike Gravelle

As a wanna-be bride since the age of 5 I knew my wedding would be planned and executed the best it possibly could be. Living in Calgary but choosing Kelowna as our wedding destination meant I had to have control and organization from 7 hours away. Dress, photographer and DJ were the top 3 on my list of things that were worth money. Having a non-stop, fun-filled, dance party was the focus of our reception. I had heard of Jeff from many friends and family who live and work in Kelowna and had experienced DJ Haymaker at weddings or corporate functions. Fun Fact: Jeff was the DJ at my aunt and uncle’s wedding 12 years prior and I remember the fun games and dancing all night! Hence, I contacted Jeff and there started our friendship of DJ and bride-to-be. Jeff made sure to call me (a few times) so we could get the ball rolling on what we wanted our guests to experience at our reception; BEST.DAY.EVER was on our vision board (as I’m sure it is for many brides & grooms). Jeff made sure everything would happen to make it true! I never felt like I had to figure anything out myself. Jeff asked me all the questions and made arrangements for my uncle to sing me down the isle, helped my friend make an emotional slide-show and made sure all of our 12 bridal party attendants were comfortable at the head table. Jeff was not only our DJ but also our emcee, day-of-coordinator and go-to man for any questions wedding related. You will probably hear this from many people but Jeff will tell you himself, that you get what you pay for. You want someone to press play on an ipod? Not Jeff. Guest interactions and laugh-worthy games not on your vision board (well what kind of non-fun wedding are you having?!)

They always tell you (as the bride) to expect that not everything will go as planned. Well I prepared myself for that, but to be honest, nothing (that I knew of) went wrong and if it did Jeff has kept it a secret as he handled it or fixed it himself. Our friends and family will corroborate that our wedding was THE BEST DAY EVER! and DJ Jeff Haymaker was a big contributor in making that happen.

I look forward to seeing DJ Haymaker at my cousin’s wedding in May and playing survivor and dancing the night away at the next (almost as good as ours)!

Jeff HayRachelle & Mike Gravelle
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