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Nicole & Chris Sailes

Hey Jeff,

Here are a few thoughts from our wedding…

The wedding was fantastic except for one thing: not enough time to dance to your awesome music!!! We are quite the party bunch and despite all the fun we had, it went WAY too fast!!!! …mind you if it was any longer I would’ve passed out from being dehydrated or drunk!…or both!

Before the night was even getting started, some of our guests were saying how awesome our DJ was! By the time the party was over, several people thought you were a family friend of ours because you were so involved with the crowd. Everyone loved the games and your original ideas!

My brother even posted on facebook your company sign and a comment “I bet that 99% of the crowd would say this is the best DJ they have ever seen.” It was an incredibly fun night and you organized things well!!

I hope you are happy to know I have already referred you to my friend who got engaged last week. She was at our wedding and will also be getting married in Kelowna. Her name is Janet Henry…so hopefully you’ll be hearing from her soon!

Thanks for making the wedding so much fun Jeff!

Jeff HayNicole & Chris Sailes
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