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Molly & Anthony

DJ Haymaker was both the MC and DJ at my wedding June 2017. From the moment he answered my call when I was just looking for quotes, I knew he was the perfect fit for my wedding. Moving closer to the date, it was easy to coordinate the details even though I am in Vancouver and he is in Kelowna. He gave me great advice on how to coordinate the big day, and gave me fantastic feedback as he had personal knowledge of both the venue and wedding commissioner I had scheduled. From the start DJ Haymaker told me his goal is to have everyone leaving our wedding saying “That was the BEST wedding I have ever been to!”.. and that are the exact words I heard multiple guests utter the day after. Even though I had to work hard to convince my husband he was worth the hefty price tag – at the end we both feel he was 100% worth every penny. He helped give us the peace of mind that the day was taken care of – everything was on schedule – and brought his “A” game as our MC, being funny, personal, kept our guests (and us) entertained while keeping to the point. Thank you DJ Haymaker for taking so much care and we 100% will be referring him to anyone we know looking for his services.

Jeff HayMolly & Anthony
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