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Mike & Mona

This past March my husband and I hired DJ Haymaker to entertain our closest friends and family for our reception. Our ceremony was held with a small amount of immediate family members a few months previously and now it was time to party!!! Not only was our DJ an important part of the evening, he WAS the event! He read our friends quite well and when the audience started booing us over certain answers to the game “who knows the bride/groom best” he stood up for us! Which was precious. I may need to take a closer look at my friends however sheesh…

His choice in music was everything we asked for which was truly what kept the party going. To this day attendees are still telling us what a great time they had. And that is truly due to DJ Haymakers skills. It was absolutely the funnest night ever! Thanks Jeff Hay! You are the Best!

Jeff HayMike & Mona
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