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Leah Edwards & Bryan Smith

Hey hey Jeff

The day was in all honesty the wedding of my dreams! It was absolutely perfect! It came in hot, and went all night long baby!

Remember I had said I want everyone to leave sayin ‘this was the best party ever’… it happened!!!
“The ceremony was right on point”
“James was outta bounds!”
“The weather was dynamite!”
“The food was off the hook!”
“Meg was nails!”
“Heather was top notch- super amazing with photos and awesome to hang out “with all day long!!!”
“Candy Mountain… ohhh please- was there any ever doubt it would be aces- lol”

And my DJ… the best thing that happened to me during this experience 😉 ….

Thank you so very much crazy for everything, you were an amazing bonus to this day! And everytime I think about it you will totally be right there in the thought with it!

And I’m totally gonna say hey once in a while, you know it….. ohhh yaaaaa, looks goooooood!

I truly hope it’s one of your better party’s of 2012…. cause it was NAILS!

Jeff HayLeah Edwards & Bryan Smith
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