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Laura & Chris Tietze

Hi Jeff, sorry for the long wait. Laura and just got back from a wedding/ memorial weekend on the coast. We did however get some quality time with Laura’s family and little of mine again. Our families and friends couldn’t say enough good thing about the wedding. We heard comments like, ‘an unforgetable experience’ to ‘the most fun we’ve ever had at a wedding’. From the youngest to the oldest guests, everyone just loved it. Survivor was by far the most fun event for most people. It really brought the best out of most people. The ones that weren’t actively involved and having fun, had just as much fun watching from the sidelines.

Laura and I both agree that there really wasn’t anything that could have made the evening better.

I look forward to attending your next event, whether it be another wedding or other special event.

Jeff HayLaura & Chris Tietze
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