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Kyle & Amber Jones

Hey Jeff, attached is a letter I wanted to write you to say thank you for everything you did for us.

As you’ll read in the letter – Kyle and I were blown away by you! Everything you did was AWESOME…for real! I couldn’t even come up with one tiny little criticism….everything was perfect. The music, the games, the hats, the timing…absolutely everything.

You made our wedding the best wedding I think a lot of people will have ever been to including us. We told you we wanted above all a fun wedding and one that was going to be unforgettable and you delivered that! It was hugely because of you that our wedding was SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really have a gift for entertaining….i am happy to have met you and worked with you and we hope to see you again soon. I cant wait to recommend you to future brides and party plannersJ

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Amber and Kyle Jones…..ooohhh how exciting it is to say that!!!!!


Dear Jeff…aka DJ Haymaker,

Kyle and I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

We just got back from our honeymoon in Mexico and we spent so much time talking about the wedding…well gushing really! We both said that one of the best things about our wedding was you! You made our wedding one to never forget…even in Mexico I was getting emails constantly from family and friends telling me our wedding was the best they have ever been to and one of the most fun nights of their lives….WOW, WHAT A COMLPIMENT HEY!!! and they all said that one of the reasons it was so good was because of the DJ…everyone commented how fun all of the games were….especially Survivor!! and everyone LOVED the hats and costumes you had in your little tickle trunk and said the music was perfect!

I really think if we didn’t have you as our dj our wedding wouldn’t have been nearly as fun and memorable as it was. I really cant say enough good things; you spent so much time with us in the planning process – getting to know us individually and our love story and using that at the wedding – it was so great and you always made me feel at ease and super pumped about our day. the first night we met you we left the coffee shop and said how cool you were and how we were so excited for the day and knew right then we absolutely made the right choice!

Some highlights for me were the newlywed game — which I know not only kyle and I had so much fun with but both our parents too – it was awesome that you included them to join in the fun. the questions you asked about us to the tables to find out who would eat first was awesome, I loved too how you had something special up your sleeve when guests starting clanging their glasses…we all know how monotonous that can get. The survivor game was definitely everyone’s fav…what a cool idea!!! it got everyone interacting with each other and laughing — at one point I stood up on the head table and looked around at everyone in the room – not one person wasn’t laughing and looking like they were having a blast! now the tickle trunk — SO AWESOME! it seemed everyone at some point had a funny hat on or wig…my 85 yr old Opa, my 5 yr old niece, co-workers….it was so fun!

And the music – i cant say that at any point in the entire night you played anything that was just ok…it was actually PERFECT! the dance floor was packed the whole night and you just kept coming with one perfect song after another – you read the room and knew exactly what to put on at what time. Kyle and I left at 3:30 in the morning and the party was still going because of you.

All I have to say is to all future brides out there – you are making a HUGE mistake if you do not get Jeff for your wedding! Jeff you are way way beyond a DJ – you are an entertainer all the way through – you have a special gift and are amazing at what you do.

I will recommend you to anyone I know getting married or hosting a party and I hope to PARTY with you again in the near future 🙂

Thank you again,

Amber and Kyle Jones…married May 29, 2010!!!! 🙂

P.S. it really was the most amazing day of our lives and a huge part of that is thanks to you Jeff!

Jeff HayKyle & Amber Jones
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