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Jennifer & Terry Seaton

Thanks soooo much for all your wonderful talent yesterday! We had an amazing, unforgettable day and the evening was so much fun. Thanks again for making the day so awesome! You impressed so many people and everything went very smooth because of you. We were also very happy with your song choices, everyone had a BLAST!

As far as feedback for the wedding, we had the best time. Nothing but amazing comments on how awesome the entertainment was that evening, especially the games. A few of our friends said it was the “funnest wedding ever”. My sister was blown away with the way you made things flow through the evening, and you kept the timeline right on track, which was great, because without you, it would’ve likely been a gong show!!!

Thanks for all the fun and keeping everyone lively. Even my 80 year old grandpa (who never, ever dances) was up there having a great time with the hats! The hats were awesome!

Even though I have seen you at weddings before, it was really neat to have you at ours. You impressed everyone and made the day a complete blast!

Thanks for all your help 🙂

Jeff HayJennifer & Terry Seaton
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