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Janet & Grant Hatano


You had us at hello!

Thank you so much for all your planning and hard work at our wedding.  I kept thinking “wow, this is a really long day for him!”.

From day one, you were pumped to have us as clients, and we were thrilled to have you as our partner in crime… we feel like you’re our friend now! Your goal was to have everyone say “that was the best wedding ever!”, which made us challenged to make it the “best wedding” that you had ever DJ’d! Thank you for always checking in and providing us with loads of information on how you were going to make our day special as well as making sure that we stayed excited!  You went above and beyond your normal duties to search out and provide a keyboard, wireless mics and even purchased a new power cell for us! We really appreciated all these little details, including wearing our wedding colours at the ceremony and reception!

We loved the “Survivor” game and the endless tickle trunk of hats. You were so personable with our guests as you remembered many names and integrated them into games and roasts. You totally worked the room…we loved it! Only you can make my mom dance to Sir Mix A lot and encourage others to rub their bums on their partner’s bum!

Thanks for being a big part of our special day!

Jeff HayJanet & Grant Hatano
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