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Greg & Dinel Bickert

Before Greg and I even got engaged, we knew Jeff would be the DJ at our wedding. My best friend had him at her wedding and he did such an amazing job that we immediately got our phones out and took his phone number down. After we called our family and friends, Jeff was the next phone call after we got engaged! When it finally came down to planning our reception, he had such great ideas – we completely trusted him, especially since we had already seen him action.

Our reception was held in my parent’s airplane hanger on their property but Jeff was totally comfortable with the unusual space. He worked the room and our crowd with ease. One of the greatest things about Jeff that night though was that he gave us as much time as we needed to connect with family and friends. He checked in with us often to see how everything was going but didn’t make us feel like we were being pressured to wrap up our conversations.

Once the dancing started, that’s when we really started having a lot of fun! Greg’s little sister and aunt, both of whom have disabilities, got up and were dancing away and Jeff made sure that they were very much included, giving them special shout outs all night. And that Bickert mashup! Wow! We hadn’t laughed that hard in a very long time! All of our guests have told us that they had such a fun time at our reception.

There were so many great things about that evening but Jeff really was the highlight. We couldn’t have asked for a better party and would recommend him in a heartbeat. In fact, friends of ours are getting married next summer at my parents as well and have contacted Jeff already! We are so excited to have him come back! Thanks again Jeff!

We are very much looking forward to partying with you again next year for Patti and Bruce’s wedding!

Jeff HayGreg & Dinel Bickert
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