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Euclid & Diane

Hey Jeff,

We wanted to send along this testimonial for you… Thinking back to our big day I get all giddy and warm and can’t help but smile and laugh, it was more amazing than I could have ever imagined it! THANK YOU for being a part of it, you played such an important role and it really allowed us, the wedding party relax and soak it all in, you took the stress off my shoulders so I could spend the night dancing with my loved ones!!! the verdict’s in and it’s unanimous, our family and friends keep telling us, it was the best wedding they’ve ever been too! I just can’t get over how blessed we are to have had a perfect day, I’ll away remember it, every sweet detail and feeling all the love in the room, a union of cultures, a true celebration.

Jeff had come highly recommended by our venue manager at the Harvest, she spoke not only from her client’s feedback, she was also speaking from her personal experience having had the pleasure of Jeff as her DJ at her wedding as well.

Now, this bride loves to dance and have a good time but a wedding is so much more than that a song list and host bar, in our case, it was a destination wedding and a formal outdoor ceremony of two beautiful cultures uniting and in order to have a sincere celebration, there must be an organized platform in place so that the day’s events run smoothly, and we wanted to treat our honoured guests to the time of their lives so we were willing to “put our money into all the right wedding expenses”, this meant investing in the services that will make the most positive contribution to the whole experience.

I had researched the recommendations list and I knew visiting Jeff’s site that we had to have him at our wedding and I am serious when I say that I made the necessary arrangements to change my wedding date to a day this MC extraordinaire was available to entertain us. Our investment in his services was one of the best decisions we made, not only for our day in which he provided the utmost peace of mind so that I could actually relax and soak up the overwhelming joy of each and every sweet moment, it was his effort to get to know us personally and the guidance he provided along the way that helped us to make informed decisions and set the stage for the main event that reflected us as a couple.

There is something to be said about people who love their jobs, they do it with so much passion and vigor it that illuminates the people around them and on the night of our wedding, I witnessed a night so full of laughing, smiling, fun dancing people who came together like old friends at a very special reunion. Jeff was the catalyst that keep the energy high all night and no one wanted that night to end.

We are so grateful to Jeff for hosting our guests and treating them to a night to remember, to exceed every expectation is unheard of and to continue hearing from our guests that it was the best wedding they had ever attended, is not only a compliment to Jeff, it’s music to our ears and joy to our hearts.

We love you Jeff!

Jeff HayEuclid & Diane
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