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Erika & Thomas Monies

To the best DJ in world,

We just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for us. Everyone had an awesome time and loved how much you were involved. You made all the planning so effortless and fun from the moment we met you. We loved all your innovated ideas and how well they turned out. You were a lot of fun and we would recommend you to everyone that needs a DJ. You are much more than a DJ, you are AWESOME!

If we had a dollar for every time we heard “that was the best wedding ever” or ” how did you ever find such an amazing DJ, he made the night” or our personal favourite “Is he a relative of yours; because he sure seems to know you guys pretty well” WE WOULD BE RICH!

Many thanks and we couldn’t imagine our wedding without you being a part of it. You made the day!

Thanks and much appreciation,

Erika and Thomas Monies

Jeff HayErika & Thomas Monies
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