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Emma & Morgan Webber

Mum and Dad fly out this morning but they wanted me to say –

“[Jeff] was wonderful at our daughters wedding. He played songs that meant special things to our family, he also played music to suit all ages, and the “hatbox” was amazing! He was really good fun. You’ll love him, a very friendly guy, full of enthusiasm and he went that extra mile to make us all feel very special. I’d take him back to England if I could!” Sue Snell (my Mum)

“From start to finish Jeff was by my side guiding me through the unknown world of weddings! His advice and confidence was extremely reassuring and put me at ease. He made the whole experience very personal, remembering key peoples names and finding songs which suited my family down to a tee! He was very professional during the ceremony and during the reception he addressed our guests and made them feel involved and part of the whole day. His games and jokes are very well done and injected at just the right times. I feel like I have found a secret gem in the Okanagan and hope to use his services again – even if it is only for a house party!”

Emma Snell (the Bride)

Jeff HayEmma & Morgan Webber
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