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Diane & Kevan Worsley

So here goes with our recollections of your contribution to making our day so amazing:

Jeff was the DJ at my daughter’s wedding in Kelowna in June 2008. It was a magnificent event in every way with so many incredible memories. But the one common thread in every ones memory is still being heard two years later: “That DJ was incredible”; “He made the day”; ” That was the most fun wedding we have ever attended”.

And so, the following year, when my partner of 14 years and I decided to plan our own wedding celebration, there was no disputing the sentiment: “We must see if we can get Jeff Hay to be our DJ”. We knew he was booked well in advance so we contacted him in January of 2010 and fortunately he was free for our chosen date, July 21, 2010. We were so relieved, because we knew from our previous experience in 2008, that once we had Jeff Hay on board, everything else would fall into place.

Anyone planning a wedding knows that the costs can get out of hand very quickly, and many couples are looking for ways to save money. But through our two recent wedding experiences, our advise would be, you can cut corners here and there, but don’t cut out the DJ. Especially if you can get Jeff

Jeff helps you through the planning stage, encourages you to personalize your day and has great suggestions to help you along the way. On your special day, he shows up well in advance and is incredibly organized and professional with his set up of equipment and attention to detail. From the moment your wedding begins, he takes charge to ensure that your ceremony and reception flows exactly as you had imagined. Whatever songs you request, he provides. He will read your crowd and he will ensure that everyone
becomes a participant.

You will know that he has listened to what is important to you, because he will remember even the smallest details. He will even remember the names of people in your crowd and he will ensure that everyone feels included. He has a knack for incorporating funny stories with impeccable timing and he will make sure everyone has a good time. You will feel like he is part of your family.

Thank you Jeff for making our wedding day so memorable. We hope you will be around in 20 years when our grand daughter gets married!

We say this with all sincerity.

All best wishes for your future success
Dianne & Kevan Worsley

PS.. Jeff, As you probably recall, we had a friend who videographed our service and parts of the reception. And as you know, the day goes by so fast, so being able to sit and watch the video has been amazing. To relive our experience through photos is one thing but being able to hear the birds chirping, the water lapping on the shore and the sound of people’s laughter during the reception is amazing. It was like being there all over again. We are so glad you incorporated the games again. Everyone had such a good time!

Jeff HayDiane & Kevan Worsley
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