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Jennifer & Nick Kirschner

eff was the best part of our wedding day! PERIOD!

Jeff took the time to meet with us in the months before the wedding to get to know us, and he also helped us do bios for the wedding party and our parents. Our guests have asked us if we did bios on everyone, because Jeff would learn our guests names and then would remember them all night long. Some guests asked how Jeff knew everyone’s first names, and he is just that amazing!!!

The music for the ceremony was so us. We received compliments after the ceremony, saying it was the best ceremony ever! (We were going for ‘Best wedding ever’ in the reception department, and snagged ‘best ceremony’ too!!! Nick and I had a good idea of the music we wanted to have played at the reception, but we could not find the perfect first dance song; Jeff was able to find that perfect song for us!

We knew that we had a good group of friends and family that would have a great time at our wedding, but Jeff took the fun and the party to this whole other level of awesome! There were great ice-breakers that got everyone to know each other better, and our guests got to know Nick and I better too! One of Nick’s Aunts said that it was the first wedding that she has ever been to where she felt like she got to know the us (the bride and the groom) better.

We knew it was a good party when our older guests (>80 year olds) stayed after 1pm, and our dance floor was packed right through to 3am!!! Our Aunt Helen (age: 87) raved that it was the best wedding she’s ever been too, (she requested the “HUSTLE”, taught everyone how to do it, and danced so much that she could barely walk the next day!).

I have received feedback that we had the ‘wedding of all weddings’! My Dad and his friends partied like they were 20. Our parents have been thrilled by all of the positive feedback they are receiving! When we first met Jeff he said that he would make sure that we had the ‘best wedding ever’, and our wedding was better than we ever imagined!!!

Our wedding was the ‘best wedding’ we had ever been to as well!!! Thanks Jeff!!

Jeff HayJennifer & Nick Kirschner
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