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Brett & Erika Hamilton

We had been to a couple weddings that Jeff was a part of before, so we were well-aware of how great he is at what he does and we KNEW we needed to have him MC and DJ at our wedding. In fact, we literally chose our wedding day around his availability…. so I guess technically Jeff chose our wedding day – thanks Jeff! The weather was perfect!

Not only did Jeff surpass our already high expectations of hosting a GREAT party, but he was also very helpful along the way. Jeff guided us into choosing our incredible wedding venue as well as an awesome officiant to make it all official. He has seen and done it all so his recommendations and experiences when it comes to venues, venders and almost anything to do with weddings, is completely invaluable.

Weddings are stressful and the day-of can be that way as well. I’m not gonna lie, we totally thought we’d be a little frantic about what time it was, where we needed to be, and what was coming next. But with Jeff there, doing his thing, our stress level quickly went down to zero. He’s got you covered! You can kick back, relax and finally take part in enjoying the great time you’ve spent so long planning!

Our wedding day was nothing short of perfect thanks in large part to Jeff Hay. We can’t recommend him highly enough! Having a wedding without this guy is a ridiculous idea! Get out your cheque book – he’s worth it!

Jeff HayBrett & Erika Hamilton
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