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Brent & Sarah Stevens

We got married in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico in March 2011 and wanted to have a reception on our return to Kelowna. Since we were already married.. we were totally focused on just having a GREAT PARTY with our family and friends that weren’t with us in Mexico. I (Sarah) started my search online looking for the perfect DJ for our party. When I approached my soon-to-be husband with the name DJ Haymaker, I was shocked when he told ME that the same DJ was recommended to him by a friend. PERFECT.

When we first met with Jeff to discuss our vision, we were thrilled with his enthusiasm, positive energy, his great suggestions, and his flexibility. Jeff was our MC at our reception/party and had such great energy the entire night. He totally understood our vision for the evening and executed it perfectly. It was far beyond our expectations. It was so great that we didn’t have to worry about a single thing the entire night.

Jeff suggested some games for our party and at first, I admit, I was a little leery. I had never played games at a wedding before. The games sounded fun so we went for it! We played some great games including ‘Survivor’ which totally engaged the crowd and got everyone ready to party! Everyone LOVED Jeff’s box of hats. The games and the hats were great ice breakers and totally brought everyone together!

Jeff could totally read the crowd on the dance floor. He started the night off playing songs that were easy for everyone to dance to. At one point in the night Brent and I looked at the clock in absolute disbelief… it was 1:30 am and the dance floor was PACKED with people that were GIVING ‘ER! It was great! (And thanks for being so patient with my mom and her many requests!! Hahaha!)

We had such a great time and so did our guests. We will never forget that special night! (We still talk about it!) Thank you so very much!

Jeff HayBrent & Sarah Stevens
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