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Becky & Cody Loewen

Having attended a wedding DJ Haymaker performed at we knew we were getting a top end entertainer however we were pleasantly surprised that we got so much more.

During the planning stages DJ Haymaker was readily available and took much of the stress out of the process by offering exceptional guidance and through his experience provided a number of suggestions that in the end made our big day even better. The ceremony was beautifully done offering a classy atmosphere with a pinch of fun, which was exactly what we wanted! The most telling thing about DJ Haymaker’s ceremony performance is that, like a good referee you did not notice he was there because the music flowed so well.

As for the reception the resounding feedback we received following the wedding is that it was the ‘funnest’ wedding our guests have ever attended and we could not agree more! DJ Haymaker was a big part of making the night so fun. He kept guests engaged with an array of games from Survivor to The Newlywed Game that got guests on their feet and not wanting to miss a moment. With all the fun and entertainment aside what really made DJ Haymaker a great DJ and MC for the evening was how well he created the atmosphere we discussed leading up to the wedding.

It was everything we had hoped for and couldn’t imagine a better performance on DJ Haymaker’s part.

Jeff HayBecky & Cody Loewen
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