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Alyson & Jeff

We wanted to send along another note of thanks for your amazing work with our wedding back in May. I admit that because we were having such a small group (~50 people) I wasn’t initially sure whether hiring a DJ would be worth the expense for a small group. But we’re SO glad we went ahead and booked you – it made a world of difference for our reception and was worth every cent.

I can’t overstate how much we appreciate all you were able to help us with — it went way beyond just helping us choose music! You really listened when we first talked about the type of wedding we wanted and you caught on to details right from the get-go. In the week leading up to the wedding you were so helpful as we set the timeline/schedule for the reception (and I appreciate how you worked around our busy schedule that week). And then on the day-of, you did an amazing job of reading the crowd and getting everybody involved in your great post-dinner/pre-dance games. I would say to your future clients, even if you think games won’t be “your thing,” do consider Jeff’s suggestions – I never would have imagined how well they turned out!

True to your word, we’ve had so many of our guests tell us that our wedding was the most fun and entertaining one they had ever been to — and so much of that is because of you!

Also, we want to extend a special thanks to you for being so genuinely enthusiastic and supportive throughout our planning. It meant a lot that you seemed so happy and excited to be helping make our day so memorable!

Jeff HayAlyson & Jeff
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