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Aldo & Carol Castagna

Hello again Jeff!

Carol and I would like to thank you so VERY much for what you did for our ceremony and reception. From the second I called you on the phone, I was extremely impressed with your enthusiasm, professionalism and all out attitude. As you know, we had to plan everything from a distance due to the fact we live in Langley and had the ceremony and reception in Kelowna. Regardless of that fact, you made us feel at ease by your kind, caring demeanor. From our very first conversations MONTHS before our special day, I felt as though you truly cared about us. You made us feel as though we were long time friends by the ways in which you conversed with us the entire time. We also had the pleasure of meeting you a few months before our wedding date of June 1st and after over an hour of straight conversation, you made us feel completely at ease and confident that our special day would be memorable. As well, you provided us great insight as to how we wanted to approach the reception, providing some great game and “fun factor” ideas.

The ambiance you created by playing fantastic music prior, during and after the ceremony was truly wonderful. You were able to capture through your music exactly how we wanted our ceremony to look and feel. On top of the mood you helped create, you even ensured the guys were all at ease prior to the ceremony, so thank you so much for that!

The reception was a complete blast! With our “how well do you know” quiz providing the backbone, you took the ball and ran with it. Our guests after the reception were amazed at the fact that you and I had only met just months before June 1st. The way you spoke to our audience throughout the evening, starting from addressing many directly by name, right up to providing the children who attended a “tickle trunk” of toys to play with, you took care of everyone as if they were your own family. It was extremely touching how much care and attention you brought to the entire evening. To this day, months later, those attending claim to have been part of not only the best wedding they have ever attended, but the best PARTY they have ever had a pleasure to be a part of. And that’s exactly the key…they were a PART of our celebration. With your games, conversation and antics, you made our family and friends truly part of something special. Like you and I discussed prior to the event…this is OUR gift to them…..and I have a feeling it will be a gift they will treasure forever!

Thanks again Jeff…I wish you continued success in all your ventures and hope that we have the pleasure of seeing you again someday.

All the very best to you and your family….God Bless!

Jeff HayAldo & Carol Castagna
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