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Jared & Yeonseo

DJ Haymaker helped to make our wedding day one that we will cherish and remember forever.

Jeff takes the time to learn about the bride and groom as well as their family and friends, making the experience much more personal and relatable for everyone involved. This really shone through during the activities and games that he plans for the reception.

His music program is a huge bonus and it really helped to plan the little details for our wedding. This includes the pre-ceremony music, ceremony, and reception music. He is a world-class DJ and anybody in the market for one will not be disappointed by choosing him for their event.

We truly feel that DJ Haymaker cared about our special day and that he would go the extra mile to make sure everyone was happy.

Thank you so much Jeff!

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Jeff HayJared & Yeonseo

Luc & Kaylee Jouan

Jeff, the MC/DJ you need for your wedding.

You can have the best food, the best venue, the best family and friends, but without an amazing MC/DJ your special day will not be complete. And this person to us was Jeff (DJ Haymaker).

Let’s start with the MC part; Jeff is personable and will make sure to get to know your guest. He is a fun guy to talk to and brought us some fun game for our guests to enjoy and have fun. His love story was one of many highlights of the day. You know you chose the right guy when your friends tell you how amazing he was 2 weeks later.

Now the dj part; DJ Haymaker knows how to read the crowd. Not only did he played all the song that we and our guests requested, he also made sure to play what made people dance. He had a 10 minutes killer mix/mashup that got a lot of people dancing. He got us dancing all night long.

It has been 2 weeks since our special day and one person that made it so special was definitely Jeff. He is more than just a DJ/MC, he was truly a great help to make our wedding day special, and he made sure that our family and friends had a blast.

Thank you so much Jeff, we truly cannot thank you enough for your help.

Luc and Kaylee

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Jeff HayLuc & Kaylee Jouan

Lee & Sondra Watkins

The best wedding DJ & MC in the Okanagan! I am a professional wedding photographer who has photographed hundreds of weddings all over B.C. and Alberta for the last 12 years and have had the pleasure of working with Jeff quite a few times. My wife and I hired Jeff for our wedding because there was no doubt in my mind that he is the best wedding DJ in the Okanagan.

He brings a one of a kind experience and professionalism like no other DJ I have worked with in the past. From his prep and planning beforehand, to the fun and excitement he delivers at the event is unmatched. He is there every step of the way leading up to the day and makes you feel at ease when planning your event. His presence and delivery as a DJ and MC is something every guest will walk away saying “That guy was incredible!”.

Most of our guests assumed he knew us our entire lives with how many details and the backstory he knew about us and our relationship. His attention to detail when learning about you in the months leading up to the event is amazing.

Highly recommend DJ HAYMAKER to everyone planning a wedding and wanting their event to go off without any issues. He delivers the best experience you could ever ask for!

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Jeff HayLee & Sondra Watkins

Ashley & Brandon McMurphy

Hiring Jeff was by far the best decision we made for our big day!!  The entire day went so smoothly and flawlessly thanks to him.

We attended a wedding the summer before that Jeff DJ’d and MC’d which made our decision to hire him an easy one!

Jeff is so charismatic and knows how to engage the crowd. He was extremely helpful throughout the planning process and was always happy to have a chat or message me back with any questions I had!

Jeff is extremely personable and even though we didn’t tell him our immediate families names ahead of time he knew all of them by name instantly!

We only had positive feedback from guests about Jeff, everyone wanted to know who our DJ was and where we found him!

He is so good at reading the crowd and keeping the dance floor full all night!

So many of our guests have told us that our wedding was the “best wedding” they have ever been to.

We are still riding the high from our wedding and I am so thankful to Jeff for making it the Perfect day.

Ashley and Brandon

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Jeff HayAshley & Brandon McMurphy

Jane and Derek May

We had heard rave reviews of Jeff’s wedding services, which made our decision to hire him an easy one! The rumors were true. Jeff was more than a DJ and MC – his suggestions and guidance demonstrated his wealth of insight and experience in creating a seamless, engaging, unique experience for all of our guests (beyond just the music). Jeff nailed it with his creative interactive activities, off-the-cuff jokes (that never crossed the line), and he knows how to read a crowd to keep the dance floor packed. I can’t recommend hiring an MC enough (as opposed to asking inexperienced and unpredictable Uncle Bob to do it).

We were amazed at how quickly Jeff put faces to names for those in our wedding party, and with how he knew everyone’s relationships with each other. Jeff is a pro, and a great person who genuinely cares about you and your wedding. Don’t waste your time hiring anyone else.

Thanks again Jeff,
Jane & Derek

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Jeff HayJane and Derek May

Taran and Manjot

It’s no lie when people say that the DJ makes or breaks the party – and all we can say is that our guests remained on the dance floor until the lights came on and they were kicked out of the venue.

We should started by mentioning we had a very long & very Indian Wedding for which we couldn’t have picked a better DJ/MC combo.

Jeff went above and beyond the scope of a DJ both in our year-long the planning process and on the day of our wedding– he was on site creating the perfect atmosphere with his extensive knowledge of music for every traditional aspect of our big day from first thing in the morning well into the wee hours of the night.

As an MC he was incredibly interactive keeping all of our family and friends engaged and as a DJ, he was able to read the vibes of everyone and played a multitude of songs to keep the party alive. His ability to fuse Indian and Western music throughout the night with a solid balance of non-stop requests was the key to our happy guests!

We thank DJ Haymaker for allowing us and our family to have one of the best days we’ve experienced, one which our families will talk about for years to come!

Taran & Manjot

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Jeff HayTaran and Manjot

Namika and Matt Demedeiros

We just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us! We felt like you were family. Throughout a crazy wedding planning process, not only did you help and guide us along the way, you made sure we were calm and excited.

Our guests all kept raving about how it was the funnest wedding they have ever been too. And to be honest, it was so much fun for us too! We weren’t stressed out about anything!

You were just as much a part of the wedding as everyone else, and everyone felt like they were your best friend. Our bridal party thoroughly enjoyed how you got to know each and every one of them. You went above and beyond our expectations and we are soooooo glad we went with you.

Our wedding would have not been the same party. For everyone else out there, my husband’s family is Portuguese and I am Indian. Not only was there a difference of cultures but our guests were from all over Canada and the world. We had no idea what kind of music would get our guests on the dancefloor. I figured top 40 since everyone could understand it, but boy was I wrong. The entire dance floor was packed with a mix of top 40, old school wedding, country, and Bhangra!! Jeff knew all the Bhangra songs that would make everyone go to the dance floor, I cannot say enough words about the research he did to make sure our party was a success.

Especially since we hadn’t discussed a single Indian song beforehand. The amount of attention to detail and enthusiasm he had was unparalleled. He is a true definition of a professional in every aspect. Not just your typical DJ. He is the ultimate party man.

Thank you so much Jeff! If we had to do it all over again we would pick you to be our DJ/MC a thousand times!

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Jeff HayNamika and Matt Demedeiros

Mat and Alison Broschak

My wife and I weren’t even planning on a DJ for our home wedding for about 35 people, but we went to one of DJ Haymaker’s events and we couldn’t call to book him fast enough!

He is extremely personable, outgoing and easy going, but more than anything has an innate understanding of people and an incredible ability to read a crowd. Jeff took a lot of time ahead of the event getting to know my wife and I and our exact needs. He customized all of the little details we needed for our particular event and especially with it being at our home, he gave us a lot of advice so we could have the best flow possible through the day.

Everything in life has a perception of value and having Jeff be such an integral part of our wedding was worth every penny and quite frankly was priceless. Deciding on Jeff’s services was the single best decision we made for our wedding.
He also acted in an MC type capacity for us and did an amazing job with creating a great flow from the ceremony all the way through to the end of the reception. He worked with our minister and vendors for us to have a seamless day that left us with with the most amazing memories.

We truly appreciate everything Jeff did for us and I can’t recommend his skills and services enough.

Thanks again Jeff!

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Jeff HayMat and Alison Broschak

Cassandra Thomas

DJ Haymaker is always a hit at the YMCA of Okanagan’s annual holiday party. He has been our DJ of choice every year (going on 5 years) because he ensures our staff are active participants in the fun activities, fostering teamwork and above all, laughs! Every year, Jeff comes with new and fresh ideas to make the night one to remember. As the head of our party’s planning committee, I had a lot of game ideas for 2017. Jeff has the ability to balance our wants and needs, as well as provide his expertise to make our game ideas successful. In addition, we always like to throw him curve balls, like this year when we wanted to have a staff support as an MC. Jeff was more than accommodating, providing them with specific direction and tasks, all while making them feel valued and comfortable. His charisma and creativity on the fly make memorable moments that our staff and volunteers talk about for months after the party. With an attendance of over 200 staff and volunteers, we could not pull off this party without him. From all the staff and volunteers at the Y, thank you Jeff!

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Jeff HayCassandra Thomas

Mackenzie & Josh Kemp

Choosing Jeff to be the DJ for our wedding was the best choice we possibly could have made for our day. Throughout the planning, he was a calming, reassuring presence for us, and he gave us lots of great advice. Jeff is an excellent listener-we feel like he completely understood our vision for our wedding and was able to run with it. Having him to rely on not only in the day before and day of the wedding, but in the months and weeks leading up to it was a huge stress reliever. Honestly he is no ordinary DJ- he is an expert all things weddings and some of his ideas that he contributed were some of the greatest highlights of our wedding! On rehearsal day, Jeff got involved with our marriage commissioner and venue coordinator to ensure everything went smoothly on the day of and was able to completely take any of the stress off of us. On the day of, Jeff was beyond amazing. Not only did he completely deliver as an MC (being hilarious, with great timing and contributing some awesome games to surprise our guests), but he was our go to person for support with any issues or concerns we had throughout the night. He was a great support for us in dealing with the little stresses of the day, and also delivered the best party we ever could have asked for! The two of us, and our 100 guests were literally on the dance floor for the entire night until the venue was shutting down. Jeff was able to keep the party going and give us the night we were dreaming of. So many of our guests have let us know how amazing and fun he made the evening, and some of our friends are already looking to book him for their own wedding. Looking back, we are both so grateful that we chose to get Jeff involved in our wedding as both our MC and DJ and would highly recommend him to any couple looking for a once in a lifetime party at their wedding.

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Jeff HayMackenzie & Josh Kemp